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Christianity in America

Today, … it would be helpful if a prospective pastor had some experience as a rock musician. This is because, since the 1960’s, in most of our churches music has become more important than preaching. (For those unfamiliar with such things, church-style rock and roll is now the musical base for what most evangelicals call “worship.” That’s a change from previous eras when the entire Sunday morning service was called worship.) Many evangelicals choose their church depending in large part on the quality of the musical “worship” experience.

This is just a snippet of an article written by a evangelical Christian named Coleman Luck on the website “My Turn To Rant!”He makes some blunt and poignant point about our Christian churches of 21st century. He even goes far as to comparing the Protestant church to the Roman Catholic Church.

To my surprise, I agree with lot of the things that he said. But before I share my thoughts, you might want to read up on this long but interesting article.

I’ll soon post my reaction.

Click here to read the entire article.

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