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Conversation with Hakmin

(23:33:11) Timothy Kim: wat up dawg
(23:33:19) 이학민: hahahaha
(23:33:24) Timothy Kim: wat?
(23:33:25) 이학민: whats up
(23:33:26) 이학민: hahaha
(23:33:38) Timothy Kim: wats so funny?
(23:33:42) 이학민: sorry i can’t stop thinking bout your yul dong time
(23:34:04) 이학민: im not makin fun of you man..
(23:34:16) 이학민: it was jus graceful time
(23:34:42) Timothy Kim: what about my yuldong time?
(23:34:48) Timothy Kim: are you talking about the crying?
(23:34:51) 이학민: yeah.. sorry
(23:35:00) 이학민: im sorry for laughing
(23:35:01) Timothy Kim: haha
(23:35:03) Timothy Kim: it’s alright
(23:35:06) Timothy Kim: it is pretty funny
(23:35:56) 이학민: 얼마나 은혜를 받았기에 율동 시간에 눈물이나냐..
(23:36:39) 이학민: it was a high light moment for me this year
(23:36:40) 이학민: oh man


CG Conference에서 “좋으신 하나님” 율동을 사람들에게 가르쳐 주며 눈물을 흘렸다.

눈물을 흘렸을땐 몰랐다, 왜 울었는지.

하지만 지금은 안다.

하나님이 너무 좋다.

좋은신 하나님.

How can you not cry with joy?

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Timothy Kim said,

May 26, 2007 @ 10:16 pm

벌써 6개월전 이야기이다.