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Hug problem

On the internet, it doesn’t take too much effort to find an argument about an issue that has no clear cut answer (e.g. Conflict in Iraq, Microsoft vs. Apple, VI vs. Emacs, and of course Halle Berry vs. Jessica Alba). And whenever such topic come up, millions of people write in their two cents defending their side. Soon or later, the writings become personal.

Today I encountered yet another argument about what aspect of data should be stored in a database rather then being generated in a code. After reading the article, I was expecting a barrage of anger driven comments to follow. Sure enough there were plenty.

But among those the following caught my eye:

“I see a hug problem: you need a hug.” (direct link)

And it was then I realized that every problem can be traced back to a hug problem. I guess this is what you call an enlightenment…

I think I have a hug problem. Can anyone give me a hug?

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