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Beauty of words

If you sort my chatting transcripts by its size, you would have eunmind on top, if not near top.

For some reason, I was doing a word search on the transcript and I found something interesting. When I searched for the word “killer”, three instances of that word came up. But the meaning of each usage was totally different from each other.


eunmind: have you played killer instinct  

Here it’s part of a pronoun.


 eunmind: there are two killer apps in internet 

This time it’s an adjective meaning dominating or high in quality.


Timothy Kim: but it’s a killer prepping for it

Finally, here it’s an adjective turned into noun, meaning very difficult thing or demanding.

I think the beauty of language lies within the multiplicity of words. Because a single word can carry so much meaning, it allows our minds to paint pictures far better than any pictures can do.

I was going to bring this writing to some kind of spiritual analogy but I forgot what I wanted to say…. 늙어가나? -_-;;

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eungyu said,

January 18, 2008 @ 6:59 pm

how many more appearances needed to go onto tag cloud?