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I want

I want to love again.
I want to fall asleep hoping to dream about love
I want to look forward to the next encounter
I want to deliver a sonnet glittered with my heart
I want to jitter at the thought of love’s face
I want to be the reason for the smile
I want to lift my voice and yell “I love you” 

But I can’t

So I will be in silence
My expressionless face will carry my day
I’ll shiver at the cold wind blowing through my chest
No pen will I ever pick up to paint my mind
For I have nothing to look forward to 
I will dream not of love but of emptiness
I want to love again 

s.m. Timothy Kim

Writing sad poem is so much more fun! 

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Timothy Kim said,

January 21, 2008 @ 1:10 am

Again? What again? -_-;;