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Election Day Tomorrow

Finally, I get to vote tomorrow on the primaries. As a Virginian (I hate saying that -_-;;), I get to choose which party to vote for. I can’t vote for both thought. So, I guess to clear my thoughts, below is my run down on the candidates:

Democratic Party

  • Hillary Clinton: She’s the front runner in the primaries but not by much. I don’t like how she won’t admit that she made a wrong decision about Iraq. I don’t like how she changes her mind every other minutes. I probably won’t vote for her.
  • Barack Obama: Very close second in the primaries. Man, this guy can give a speech. He has this talent to grab your attention and make you listen. I guess that’s a good thing. But he seems too young and too idealistic.
  • Mike Gravel: Why is he still running? I guess the real question is, how is he still alive?

Republican Party

  • John McCain: If Giuliani was a 9/11 candidate, this guy is a POW candidate. His stance on many of the issues are practically same as Bush’s. Which is not really an appealing thing. By the way, he’s the strong 1st in the primaries.
  • Mike Huckabee: A southern baptist pastor running for president. He seems to be advocating very southern Christian ideology. I’m not sure that’s a good thing for a president. But his stance on any of the issues at hand are just boring political statements.
  • Ron Paul: Distance 3rd right now, but with Mitt Romney dropping out, there might be a faint light at the end of his very long and dark tunnel (filled with gold). His ideas about the role of a government are very refreshing to hear. Bit on the idealistic side but at times like this any change sounds good.

If I were to vote on the Democratic side, I’d probably vote for Barack, and because Ron’s character, I would probably vote for Paul for Republican party. Now the big question is who I should vote for? Barack or Paul?

By just looking at the issues, they both have promising plans. To tell you the truth, I’d be very secure seeing Barack as president, if he really can do what he promises to do. But I’d love to see if Paul’s ideological methods would actually work in real situations.

Also Barack seems to be doing well, but still needs some push to beat Hillary. Paul has a very long uphill battle (he practically have to win almost all the rest of the primary elections), so he really needs some support.

It’s so hard…

I don’t know… -_-

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현석 said,

February 12, 2008 @ 6:32 pm

BAD leaders are elected by GOOD people who don’t vote.
You are doing a great thing.