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Obligatory Movie List - March Edition

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Coming Soon in march

  • 21 - Hollywoodization of the true story about MIT blackjack team
  • Horton Hears a Who! - Another Dr. Seuss on silver screen

that’s it for march… even then, Horton is a maybe… -_-;;;

하나만 봐도 I’ll be happy~


Timothy Kim said,

March 1, 2008 @ 8:05 am

Errr… Semi-pro got 25% at rottentomatoes… -_-;;

나도... said,

March 1, 2008 @ 11:28 pm

영화관 못 가본지 어언~ 2년

May said,

March 3, 2008 @ 11:36 pm

Who will be your movie buddy? I’ll watch one with you. :)

Timothy Kim said,

March 4, 2008 @ 10:06 pm

Come back soon!!!