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성윤이형 결혼식에 갔다가 오면서 생각한것들…

  • 축하해주지도 않고 밥만 먹고간 사람들은 왜 왔을까?
  • 역시 결혼식에는 춤이 있어야한다 (축무가 있었다!!)
  • 부천서 강남가는길은 좀 많이 멀다… (그전에 어떻게 출퇴근을 했었는지…)
  • 결혼식은 혼자가면 재미없다.
  • 성대한 결혼식은 별로다.
  • 나도 결혼하고 싶다…

내일 소개팅 나간다… -_-;;

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What I do when I’m bored.

Derive and plot Mobius strip on my computer:

I’m never gonna get a girl friend.

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I pray…

that I’d be rid of my sinful nature.

that I’d be pure as gold.

that I’d be strong enough to fight the evil.

that I’d be wise enough to love my enemies.

that I’d be innocent enough to obey your commands.

that I’d be strong enough to lead my people.

that I’d be of yours and yours only.

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