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When every decision feel like wrong.
When every step is a blind one.
You can’t help it be to feel hopeless,

I remember every waking moment was a brisk walk with God.
In hardships or joy, I can recall singing with hope in my heart.
But now, I’m drowning in the face of guilt.
Not being able to live up the expectation of God.

That’s not how I was taught.
I was told that Salvation is a gift.
Grace comes free and we are guaranteed winners.
No more guilt, no more expectations to rise up to.

Yet, I’m being bombarded with sermons filled with finger pointing.
Dreadful fingers labeling me as a heretic.
Whispering into my ears the words,
“You are not worthy of God.”

I miss my child-like way of faith.
Where I could lie in His arms without a care.
Because I knew all I did was in the name of love.
Without love, it’s nothing but a noise.

finish later… or not… -_-;;;

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