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iPhone 3G

iPhoneWhen the iPhone first came out I had 5 reasons that deterred me from purchasing one. Let me reproduce them here:

  1. EDGE + AT&T sucks
  2. 8GB sucks
  3. Touch keyboard sucks
  4. No Korean support
  5. Closed system sucks

Now that iPhone 3G is coming out tomorrow, I’ve decided to see if the new iteration of Job’s new toy is worthy of my hard earned dollars.

  1. EDGE + AT&T Sucks
    They finally moved to the 3G using UMTS/HSDPA network. Which is a great news! (Even though AT&T still sucks.)
  2. 8GB sucks
    Well… they’ve only managed to double the capacity of the original iPhone to 16GB. If it’s going to be a video device, even 32GB might not cut it. And without external memory card slot, this is still a failure. 
  3. Touch keyboard sucks
    After trying out the keyboard for awhile using my friend’s iPhone, I’ve come to acknowledge that touch keyboard isn’t as bad as it sounds. Although I prefer the tactile nature of BlackBerry, I say this is acceptable.
  4. No Korean support
    They managed to include more than just Korean support. You can type in virtually any language imaginable. Although it is a bummer that only Korean got no love for not having a dictionary, but being able to type Korean is definite plus over BlackBerry.
  5. Closed system sucks
    Well… They did kind of open up the system and created a really nice SDK. But distribution of the software has to go through Apple. Which is dumb. It’s dumber that they decided to allow only one application to run at a time. Errr…
So Apple got 3 out of 5 right. Which is still not good enough for me. Maybe third time would be the charm. But by the time Apple rolls out with the next version, Sprint will have WiMax ready with BlackBerry Bold. Then it’s game over for Apple!

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Sprint사의 전산 착오로 내 전화기 서비스를 double로 charge하면서 문제가 생겨 전화 서비스가 끊겼다. 일주일내내 전화 오는곳이 없는 난 끊긴지도 모르고 있었다. (이상하게 data service는 잘되었다.) 사모님이 나에게 부탁할것이 있으셔서 날 전화로 연락하려다 안되어 알게되었다.

Sprint사에 전화해서 설명하고 따지고 해가면서 다시 살려야할것을 생각하니 짜증이 났다. 전화기라고 해봤자 날씨 확인하고 sports 경기 결과나 보려고 쓰지 전화기능을 쓴지 한달이 넘어가고 있는데 구지 몇시간 hold하고 실랑이해가면서 다시 살리기가 싫었다.

이번 기회에 그냥 Blackberry를 없에고 삐삐/음성사서함으로 바꿀까 싶다.

일주일에 많아야 2번 오는 전화. 삐삐 + Skype이 더 경제적일것 같다.

요즘 차도 안몰고 다니는데 차 번호판도 때버릴까? 보험료 안내도 될꺼아냐!

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¿Dónde está mi mente?

My Blackberry

오늘 아침 투표하고 학교로 가는길, 지하철에 핸드폰을 놓고 내렸다. ㅠㅠ

디모데! 정신을 어디다 두고 다니는거야!!!

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