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Why I love Nintendo

TaylorAccording to an Australian newspaper, The Geelong Advertiser, a girl named Taylor with arthrogryposis were given a christmas gift from Nintendo.

Because Taylor lacks any muscle in her arm, it is often hard for her to perform lot of simple activities on her own. But when she discovered Wii at her family’s friend’s house, she was really happy that we could play video games for the first time.

Then the friends wrote them a letter to Nintendo, telling them about the Taylor’s situation. Graciously enough, Nintendo sent Taylor a brand new Wii for free!!

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2007 Christmas


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솔직히 말하자면 난 크리스마스가 싫다.

더 정확히 말하자면 미국 문화가 주장하는 크리스마스 시즌이 싫다. 그냥 아무런 이유없이 빨간색과 초록색으로 모든것을 단장하고 서로 쓸때 없는 선물 주기에 분주한 12월 한달이 너무 싫다. 빨리 지나가 1월이 되기만을 바라는 내 자신을 찾게 된다.

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Christmas Time!

It’s that time of the year again~

Last year, I put snowing foreground on my site and added this to the header for decoration.

This year, to celebrate Jesus’ birth, I added a dog.

Yes, a dog.


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Conversation with Sharon

It’s Christmas time again and like we do every year, my home town friends are getting together to do secret santa and potluck dinner. So every year we get together around end of november to pick our secret santa. Since this year lot of the friends are out of town, we decided to use an existing online system instead of meeting up.

But the online system had a minor flaw. The online system allowed the members to pick the same person as last year. Normally this was resolved by redoing the drawing. This used to be easy when everyone was at the same place passing basket around to do the drawing, but now it’s felt more cumbersome to do again when doing it online.

Anyways, this is the email exchange regarding this issue:

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driving in rain

300 miles, X-Mas…

뭐 재미있을려고 하는것은 아니지만, 그래도 오늘은 유난히 더 재미가 없었다. 쩝…

그전엔 기쁘게 잘 했었는데 왜 오늘은 힘이 들었을까?

God, what’s wrong with me?

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