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Dear God,

I’ll try to be honest this time.

I have a problem.  I’m sure you already know that. I mean, you are, after all, omnipotent. I guess that’s what bothers me. Knowing…

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Things I lost past week…


  • 1GB SD mini card for my camera
  • 256MB usb flash memory
  • $80 on a traffic ticket
  • sense of time
  • social life
  • heart

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Writer’s block

Writer's Block

요즘 하고시픈 이야기도 많고. 남기고 싶은 생각도 많다. 하지만 왜 글로 안써지냐고!!!!!

ㅁ니아럼ㄴ903섲9ㅔ 먼ㅁ애레머;니아러;ㅁ 9너

미치겠다.. -_-;;

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