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Conversation with Sharon

Via Facebook, Sharon reacts to my Twitter feed:

why so depressing all the time

To it which I replied via google chat:

because it’s fun being depressed!

And Sharon concurs:

thats true

i’m right there w/ u


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Geeky conversation

3:25:32 PM Timothy Kim: do you know of a good exception to throw when regex doesnt match the input?
3:25:38 PM Timothy Kim: i dont feel like making one on my own
3:25:45 PM Timothy Kim: i found DataFormatException
3:26:50 PM eunmind: don’t know too much
3:26:57 PM Timothy Kim: then come up with a good name for me
3:27:00 PM Timothy Kim: i’ll just make one
3:27:08 PM Timothy Kim: YourInputDataSucksException
3:27:09 PM Timothy Kim: -_-
3:27:25 PM eunmind: IllegalFormatException
3:27:29 PM Timothy Kim: boring!
3:27:30 PM eunmind: kk
3:27:42 PM Timothy Kim:
3:27:45 PM Timothy Kim: it exists
3:27:49 PM Timothy Kim: i guess i’ll just use that
3:27:52 PM eunmind: DataPwnedException
3:27:55 PM Timothy Kim: hahaha
3:28:03 PM Timothy Kim: EpicFailException
3:28:07 PM eunmind: hahaha
3:28:09 PM eunmind: lol
3:28:19 PM Timothy Kim: we are such geeks
3:28:22 PM eunmind: kkk

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Good to know

Peggy is hosting a charity event ( this Saturday and she messaged me about how she has enough volunteers that I can just come and enjoy the event instead of helping out. And below conversation followed:

Even if you know, it’s always a great feeling to actually hear that you are needed by someone.

Thanks Peggy!

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Morning Greeting

오늘 아침 메트로에서 인환이랑 채팅으로 나눈 아침인사.

David Chang: and hello
Timothy Kim: Hi
David: and another morning it is
Timothy Kim:
Another day to live out my life
Another opportunity to enjoy the people around me
Another chance to marvel at God’s amazing creations
Another moment to proclaim my love towards to those whom I dearly care for
Another morning to savor breakfast.
David Chang: stop writing poetry
Timothy Kim: Sorry
David Chang: haha i was kidding
David Chang: you are a good guy tim

It is a great day to be alive!

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지난 금요일 참 오랬만에 복음을 나눌 수 있는 기회가 있었다. 삶에 찌드러 살다보니 누구와 앉아 전도를하며 진리를 놓고 이야기를 나누어 본지 너무나도 오래되었다.

전도한 내용에 대해 쓰는대신 그 experience에대해 성제형과 나눈 대화를 올린다.

Timothy Kim: i had a chance to witness to someone yesterday
조성제: cool
Timothy Kim: yeah, it was pretty insane
Timothy Kim: it’s been a while
조성제: what was the response
Timothy Kim: he thought it was interesting
Timothy Kim: he told me that he didn’t know good works was not a pre-requisite
Timothy Kim: he seemed pretty startled by that
Timothy Kim: but he asked me a really personal question
Timothy Kim: “Why do you continue to live on on this earth, if you know for sure that after death there’s heaven waiting for you?”
Timothy Kim: he directed the question at me
Timothy Kim: not a generalized statement
Timothy Kim: why do YOU live? he asked…
Timothy Kim: i almost gave him the “text book” answer
조성제: and u said?
Timothy Kim: i almost said i live for the glory of God
Timothy Kim: haha
Timothy Kim: although true, that statement would’ve meant nothing to him
Timothy Kim: i told him that i don’t have ownership over my life
Timothy Kim: i see it as a gift from God
Timothy Kim: an opportunity to have relationship with Him under my free will
Timothy Kim: i have no authority over ending that
Timothy Kim: something like that
Timothy Kim: what would you have said?
Timothy Kim: why do you live?
조성제: i would have said something similar
Timothy Kim: but that question stumped me for a moment
Timothy Kim: made me really think
조성제: i have an answer that sounds a bit egotistic
조성제: nonetheless true
Timothy Kim: haha
Timothy Kim: shoot~
조성제: the people in this world needs
조성제: me
Timothy Kim: nice~
조성제: something paul said
Timothy Kim: the guy was an international student from china
Timothy Kim: so he’s not familiar with christianity as much as regular american guy
Timothy Kim: so it was really interesting
Timothy Kim: but i think “not by works” thing really got to him
Timothy Kim: hopefully, that’ll be a seed in his heart
조성제: ic
조성제: good job
Timothy Kim: thanks

학기 끝나면 전도하러 다녀야겠다.

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Conversation With Heiwon

항상 똘똘하고

도움을 주며 즐거움을 느끼고

밝았던 너의 모습을 많은 이들이 기억하며 고마워한다는 걸


적어도 난 정말 그러니까

컴퓨터 쪽의 전문가

어떤 질문도 자세하고

재밌게 대답해 주는 친구

- Heiwon, over Live Messenger

혜원아 고맙다…

I really needed that.

I guess I needed someone to tell me that I’m a good company to have,

Instead of being just a useful person to have around…

As soon as I finish this semester, I think I’ll go see a doctor.

Hopefully, a psychiatrist will be of a help.

Until then pray for me.


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With Summer오늘 교회 activity를 다 마치고 잠시나만이라도 나실이와 이야기를 나눌수 있는 시간이 있었다. 집에돌아가면 벙어리인 마냥 아무말도 없이 저녁시간을 보내야하는 난 그냥 누군과 단둘이 마주 앉아 그냥 삶을 나눌 수 시간을 갖을 수 있었다는것이 좋았다. (IM and phone doesn’t count)

비록 짧은 대화였지만 서로 사는것이 생각만큼 재미없다는 약간 교회에서 누가들으면 놀랄만한 솔직한 감정을 나누었다. 나실은 일을 시작한뒤 그냥 payment내기 위해 돈을 버는거 같다는 이야기를 했고, 나도 GWU에서 공부를 시작했을때에 초심과 재미를 잃었다고 나누었다.

그리곤 집에와 혼자 밥을 해 먹으면서 이런 생각을 했다.

요즘 참 여유 없이 사는구나…

시간적 여유가 없는것도 아니다. 저번 학기에 놀랐는지, 공부도 미리미리 열심히 해놓고 해야할 일도 (물런 완벽한 것은 아니지만… 특히 돈관리 에선… ㅠㅠ) 꽤 organized되게 처리해나가고 있다. 그래서 그런지 저녁시간이 많이 빈다. 6시~7시만 되면 집에 연구실에서 집으로 돌아오지만 그 시간을 잘 활용하지 못하는 내 자신을 발견하곤 한다. 예전 같았으면 그런 황금같은 시간에 밀렸던 game을 하고 영화간에 찾아가며 주위 전시회나 연극도 보러 다녔었을 텐데 요즘은 그러지 못한다. 그냥 집에와 밥을 먹곤 tv를 틀어논체로 잠에 들곤 한다.

마음적 여유가 없는것 같다.

보통때 같았으면 어떠한 witty한 analogy나 말씀을 통한 epiphany를 멋있게 적어 결론을 내야할 텐데 더이상 쓸 말이 없다.

여유야, 어디갔니?

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Beauty of words

If you sort my chatting transcripts by its size, you would have eunmind on top, if not near top.

For some reason, I was doing a word search on the transcript and I found something interesting. When I searched for the word “killer”, three instances of that word came up. But the meaning of each usage was totally different from each other.


eunmind: have you played killer instinct  

Here it’s part of a pronoun.


 eunmind: there are two killer apps in internet 

This time it’s an adjective meaning dominating or high in quality.


Timothy Kim: but it’s a killer prepping for it

Finally, here it’s an adjective turned into noun, meaning very difficult thing or demanding.

I think the beauty of language lies within the multiplicity of words. Because a single word can carry so much meaning, it allows our minds to paint pictures far better than any pictures can do.

I was going to bring this writing to some kind of spiritual analogy but I forgot what I wanted to say…. 늙어가나? -_-;;

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Conversation with Sharon

It’s Christmas time again and like we do every year, my home town friends are getting together to do secret santa and potluck dinner. So every year we get together around end of november to pick our secret santa. Since this year lot of the friends are out of town, we decided to use an existing online system instead of meeting up.

But the online system had a minor flaw. The online system allowed the members to pick the same person as last year. Normally this was resolved by redoing the drawing. This used to be easy when everyone was at the same place passing basket around to do the drawing, but now it’s felt more cumbersome to do again when doing it online.

Anyways, this is the email exchange regarding this issue:

이 글 마자 읽기, Read the rest of this entry »

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Korean Grammar

김행문: 지금 그쪽 시각이 몇 시쯤인가요?
Timothy Kim: 저녁 10시입니다
Timothy Kim: 저도 질문이 있는데
김행문: 네..
김행문: ㅎ ㅎ
Timothy Kim: 한글 띄어쓰기 문법에 관한건데요
김행문: 네..
Timothy Kim: 명사 + “하다” 이런식의 동사는 띄어 쓰나요?
김행문: 붙여씁니다..
Timothy Kim: 사랑합니다. vs 사랑 합니다.
Timothy Kim: 아
김행문: 사랑합니다..
Timothy Kim: 그러면
Timothy Kim: 부사라고 하나요?
Timothy Kim: 부사 + “하다” 는요?
Timothy Kim: 다 했다. vs 다했다.
김행문: 네..띄어 씁니다…
Timothy Kim: 오호…
김행문: 부사가 동사에서 온 것이기 때문에
김행문: 동사를 꾸며줍니다…
김행문: 꾸며줄 때는 기본적으로 띄어씁니다ㅑ
Timothy Kim: 그렇군요
Timothy Kim: 그럼 마지막으로
Timothy Kim: 미래형은 어떻게 띄어 쓰나요?
Timothy Kim: 사랑할 것 입니다.?
Timothy Kim: 사랑할것 입니다.
Timothy Kim: ?
Timothy Kim: -_-
김행문: 사랑할 것입니다
Timothy Kim: 오호…
김행문: 이해가 되시는지요?
Timothy Kim: 이해는 안가지만 외우면 되겠죠?
김행문: 사랑할(부사) 것(명사)입니다
Timothy Kim: “입니다”는 붙여쓰나요?
Timothy Kim: 전 학생 입니다 (x) 전 학생입니다. (0) ?
김행문: 학생(명사)+입니다(동사)
김행문: 따라서 학생입니다
김행문: 입니다는 명사뒤에 붙여씁니다
Timothy Kim: 그렇군요
Timothy Kim: “제가 할 것입니다.”
김행문: 네…ㅎ ㅎ
Timothy Kim: 맞나요?
김행문: 맞습니다…
Timothy Kim: “맞습니다”의 원형 “맞다”는 동사인가요?
Timothy Kim: 아니죠?
김행문: 열심이시네요…ㅎ ㅎ
김행문: 맞습니다…
Timothy Kim: 한국말 너무 어려워요 ㅠㅠ
김행문: 맞다 의 높임형
Timothy Kim: “맞다”가 동사에요?
김행문: 저도 찾아봐야겠네요…품사에 대해서는 저도 잘 몰라서요..ㅎ. ㅎ
Timothy Kim: 그럼 “이쁘다”도 동사 인가요?
Timothy Kim: ^^;;;
Timothy Kim: ㅋㅋ
김행문: 네..맞네요
Timothy Kim: 그럼 진짜 마지막
김행문: 네…ㅎ ㅎ
Timothy Kim: “목마르다” vs “목 마르다”
김행문: 목마르다…
김행문: 이해되세요?
Timothy Kim: 아뇨 –;;
김행문: 목마르다 자체가 형용사입니다..
김행문: 목이 마르다의 준말이 아니구요
Timothy Kim: 오호…
김행문: 하나의 단어입니다…그냥
Timothy Kim: “배고푸다”도 마찬가지인가요?
김행문: 마찬가지입니다..
김행문: 배고프다
Timothy Kim: 신기하네요
Timothy Kim: 프다/
Timothy Kim: –;;
김행문: 네…ㅎ ㅎ
Timothy Kim: 진짜 어렵네요 ㅠㅠ
Timothy Kim: 감사합니다.

한국말 너무 어려워요~~ ㅠㅠ

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