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Music industry is dumb

So today I was watching an episode of House. As its ending song they played “Gravity” by John Mayer. I really liked it. It really captured the rainy weather and mood that I was in.

Hoping to purchase the music, I hopped over to Amazon. Yes, Amazon, not iTunes. I hate Apple’s Fair Play DRM crap. Anyways, of course Amazon didn’t carry that song. (I love how Amazon sells their music without DRM but they never have the music that I want!!!)

So I hopped over to iTunes to see if they had a DRM free version of the song. Of course they didn’t. They had a DRM ridden version of the song, but I wasn’t gonna pay 99 cents for a song that doesn’t give me the freedom to listen anyway I want.

Finally, remembering that Yahoo! sells DRM free songs, I hopped over to But of course you need a special player to buy their songs. Reluctantly, I’ve decided to try their Yahoo! Music Jukebox. Funny, it didn’t work, because it only supports Windows!

So I ended up downloading it from the pirate bay… -_-;;

As much as I hate to do it, but it’s almost as if Music publishers WANT me to pirate their music. I’m sitting here waving my credit card at them hoping to buy a song but “no~ we are not going to let you buy our music comfortably nor accessibly!”. All because they think I’m a thief.

Well, until you guys get your act together, I guess I will be a thief.*

*Don’t worry, I’ll go buy the CD when I get a chance.

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RIAA vs Tenise Barker

The thousands of cases brought by the recording industry around the country are fundamentally an abuse of the judiciary to intimidate ordinary citizens, and to send a message. They are not at all about protecting creativity for the benefit of all of society which is, after all, the only reason there are copyright laws in the first place.

As the Constitution says, the fundamental purpose of copyright and patent laws is “to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts.”

- Richard A. Altman, lawyer representing Woody Raymond, the son of Marie Lindor, RIAA victims both, on the RIAA’s court hearing on Friday, January 26th

Read the whole thing by clicking here.

The issues of copyright and DRM are getting more and more serious. I’ll write about it more later, but for now I must sleep. –;;

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Mozart is FREE!


Most classical musics are too old to be under the copyright law. However, its performance or publication of its sheet music can still be copyrighted. Which is a bummer, because that’s like saying I can memorize the story of “Odyssey” word by word but can’t photocopy one of many publications of that book.

But something amazing happened today. Reuters is reporting that The International Mozart Foundation in Salzburg, Austria has bought the rights to freely distribute the complete works of Mozart via internet. This is very excited and quite fitting considering the fact that this year was the Mozart’s 250th birthday.

The edition that’s open to distribution is the digitized copy of the “New Mozart Edition” published by Barenreiter, of Kassel, Germany, which is considered to be the “gold standard”.

What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a Mozart!

Yay! Information was meant to be free (자유, not 공짜)!

As a bonus here are some cool links to more free classical music.

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YouTube Preview Image

Reason why you shouldn’t buy music online.

DRM removes freedom from the user/consumer and gives too much, if not all, power to the corporations.

If anyone cares, I’ll write more about it but for now at

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