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Geeky conversation

3:25:32 PM Timothy Kim: do you know of a good exception to throw when regex doesnt match the input?
3:25:38 PM Timothy Kim: i dont feel like making one on my own
3:25:45 PM Timothy Kim: i found DataFormatException
3:26:50 PM eunmind: don’t know too much
3:26:57 PM Timothy Kim: then come up with a good name for me
3:27:00 PM Timothy Kim: i’ll just make one
3:27:08 PM Timothy Kim: YourInputDataSucksException
3:27:09 PM Timothy Kim: -_-
3:27:25 PM eunmind: IllegalFormatException
3:27:29 PM Timothy Kim: boring!
3:27:30 PM eunmind: kk
3:27:42 PM Timothy Kim:
3:27:45 PM Timothy Kim: it exists
3:27:49 PM Timothy Kim: i guess i’ll just use that
3:27:52 PM eunmind: DataPwnedException
3:27:55 PM Timothy Kim: hahaha
3:28:03 PM Timothy Kim: EpicFailException
3:28:07 PM eunmind: hahaha
3:28:09 PM eunmind: lol
3:28:19 PM Timothy Kim: we are such geeks
3:28:22 PM eunmind: kkk

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Having fun with English

Objective consideration of contemporary phenomena compels the conclusion that success or failure in competitive activities exhibits no tendency to be commensurate with innate capacity, but that a considerable element of the unpredictable must inevitably be taken into account. - Ecclesiastes 9:11 (translation by George Orwell)



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Things that make me lol.

<Fulgore> whats the complement to a 43 degree angle?
<sparks> My you’re looking “acute” today



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Way down in Dallas, in the Dallas Ruby Brigade, we believe that monkey-patching, while it’s served us well, the time has come for some new terminology there. So while you have duck-typing in Ruby, we believe that monkey-patching should become duck-punching.

Adam Keys

Well, I was just totally sold by Adam, the idea being that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a duck, right? So if this duck is not giving you the noise that you want, you’ve got to just punch that duck until it returns what you expect.

Patrick Ewing

From RailsConf 2007


오랬만에 소리내서 웃었다.

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Just a girl

SergioThree: there’s other fish in the sea, man, she’s just a girl
Beatsfromkorea: no dude, that’s bullshit.
Beatsfromkorea: Think of it this way. if your precious copy of street fighter third strike broke and i told you “it’s ok man, there’s other games in the sea. here, play mortal kombat instead” what would you say? you’d be like, “fuck that, gimme third strike.”
SergioThree: you just reached me on a level that i never thought possible


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