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Not again…

47.jpg밤을 더이상 안샐꺼라는 다짐을 깨고 오늘 또 밤을 샌다…

몸이 더이상 말을 안듣는다… ㅠㅠ

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Hell Week

CRRM Project due this Thurday. So… let’s review my schedule for this week.


  • 8~3 church
  • 3~6 rides
  • 6~9 CG praise team
  • 9~whenever CRRM Project


  • 8~9 class
  • 9~10 CRRM Project
  • 12~4 Office Hour
  • 4~8 Tutoring
  • 8~whenever CRRM Project


  • 9~9 school
  • 9~whenever CRRM Project


  • 8~9 class
  • 9~6 CRRM Project
  • 7~8 Church
  • 8~10 Wootton Secret Santa
  • 10~whenever CRRM Project

Umm… yeah… –;;

Update: Yay~ MC is closed on Wednesday!!!

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Today at Japanese class, we practiced using adjectives. So, つじおかせんせい asked us to partner up to ask each other if they have something and how that something is. The conversation with my partner went something like this..

Partner: ガルフレンドをありますか。
Me: ぜんぜん ありません。
Partner: … oh… すみません。
Me: … it’s ok…


[post script]

Yes, I understand that you shouldn’t use the verb あります, when talking about a human being and instead use います。But this is how the conversation went during the class so it shall stay that way.

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Starting today…


“Yes, I’m working on my masters.”

라고 답할 수 있게됐다.

Thank you Lord, all the glory to You.

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  • Foundation of Computing : A-
  • Discrete Structures II : A+
  • Beginning Japanese : 10/25/2006
  • Computer Animation : 10/31/2006
  • Operating Systems : 11/2/2006
  • Foundation of Computing 11/14/2006


On my first day of school…

I met this girl named Meenoch.

Ok.. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s rewind a bit…

So as I walked into my first class, I’ve noticed that everyone in the class was half excited and half anxious to start the day. I could instantly tell that these kids were all freshmen and they were about to experience their first class in college. Everyone was standing around talking to each other, trying to make life long friends. Me? Well… as for me, I felt old…

To be continued…

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