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Too much thinking can be hazardous to your health

이번 주말엔 진짜 많은 생각을 하게 되었다. 간단히 리스트형식으로 나열해 보자면 다음과 같다.

  1. 친구의 정의와 의미 - I chilled with my old college park friends.
  2. 나의 부족한 리더쉽 - A church member told me that he doesn’t want to participate in a skit team that I lead.
  3. 찬양을 통해 비추어진 나의 자아(自我) - I had a problem with one of the praise team’s song selection during worship.
  4. 기독 대형행사의 가치 - I’m semi-helping with a local area retreat event.

이 토픽들에 대해 하나씩 써나가고 싶지만 요즘은 만사가 다 귀찮다. 최근들어 갑자기 블로깅을 열심히 하기 시작한 은규형이 조금은 motivation이 됐지만 나의 귀차니즘을 이기기엔 부족 하였다.

젊은 나이에 고민하는것이 축복이라고 어제 어느 전도사님이 이야기 하시는것을 들었다. But I think too much thinking can be hazardous to your health, mental and physical.

무슨 소리야?


Paradigm Shift

요즘 내가 가지고 있는 belief들이 많이 challenge되고 있는것을 본다. 재미있는것은 내가 관심있어하는 다양한 분야를 다 include하고 있다는것이다.

대준이가 나와 같이 살때 해준말이 기억이 난다. “Tim, you have an opinion for everything.”

얼마전까지만해도 그 opinion들에 대한 conviction이 엄청나게 강했었었다. 하지만 요즘들어선 계속해서 그러한 conviction들을 두번 세번 생각하게 되는 내 자신을 발견한다. 내가 약해진걸까 아님 성숙해져 간다는 의미일까?

어쨌든 the power of writing is amazing. 이 모든 challenge들은 남이쓴 글들을 읽으면서 온거니까. I truly believe that pen is still mightier than sword.

Essay만 읽지말고 책도좀 읽어야겠지?

[post script]

위에 리스트한 토픽들에대해 하나하나 글쓰기 싫어서쓴 guichanism포스트… -_-;;

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Maybe I am crazy.

I woke up 9:30 this morning and told myself that I should go to the bank and take care of things, instead I stayed in the bed until 11am.

After telling myself I should go grocery shopping, I just sat home and ate cookies for lunch.

When I told myself that I should goto school and study for an exam tomorrow, I watched DVD until 5pm.

After deciding that I am hungry and should get some food, instead I’m waiting and writing this blog entry.

I am crazy…

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Right now…

I want to forget everything, lock myself in my room with enough pizza and coke to get me through the winter, sink my butt into my futon and fire up video games consoles, so I can play Metroid Prime 3, Twilight Princess, Final Fantsy XII, Dragon Quest VIII, Vagrant Story, Paper Mario, etc. etc… until it’s 2009… Then start watching all the DVD’s in my collection until 2010.

Sounds like a sound plan to me!



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No more procrastination…

47.jpgI’m too old to bear the consequences… ㅠㅠ

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First day of class

It’s the first day of the summer classes, and I’m already burned out. I have no idea why, but I get tired extra easily and can’t seem to function like a normal human being. (Well… not that I have before, but that’s another blog entry. -_-;;;) Lot of work to do and lot of things to take care of, yet I can’t seem to find the energy to do it.


Yesterday, I told myself I want to get up early around 7 and goto church to pray. From last saturday bible study, I realized how much I did not pray. Well… I did but it was more of a habitual thing. But instead I woke up around 8 stayed in bed for about an hour staring at the ceiling. Then I managed to get myself to sit in front of my computer and check the news for 2 hours. Finally, before heading out for school and work, I squeezed in 30 minutes of Guitar Hero.

What’s wrong with me?

Oh and my neck still doesn’t turn left. -_-;;

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Chasing Amy

“It’s not who you love. It’s how.”

블로그 포스트가 많이 밀렸다… 일주일.. 일주일만 기다려라… 디모데가 부활한다.

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그냥 다 귀찮다.. -_-;;;