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What I do when I’m bored.

Derive and plot Mobius strip on my computer:

I’m never gonna get a girl friend.

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Things that make me lol.

<Fulgore> whats the complement to a 43 degree angle?
<sparks> My you’re looking “acute” today



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“Even the identity matrix doesn’t work normally”

from xkcd

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Happy Pi Day


아직도 기억이 생생하다. 2006년 3월 14일 CG 기도모임. Pi day를 사람들과 같이 기념하고 싶은 마음에 apple pi를 사갔었다. 하지만 CG 사람들은 그딴 holiday가 어디있냐며 날 왕따시켰었다.

2년이 지난 오늘 난 아직 파이를 나눠먹을 사람이 없다. 뭐 상관 없다. 나 혼자라도 pie를 먹으며 원의 지름과 둘래의 비의 아름다움을 즐길것이다!

Things to do on a Pi Day

  1. 파이 먹기
  2. 파이의 값을 10자리수까지 외워보기. (전화번호를 외울수 있다면 누구나 가능!)
  3. 열왕기상 7장 23절 혹은 역대하 4장 2절을 묵상하기.
  4. 영화 Pi를 감상하기.
  5. 파이를 주제로 haiku 쓰기.
  6. 오늘이 파이데이라고 사람들에게 알리기!

Learn more about pi day

Wikipedia Article about pi day

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A Mathematician’s Lament

The first thing to understand is that mathematics is an art. The difference between math and the other arts, such as music and painting, is that our culture does not recognize it as such.

I say about 90% of the population hates math. As a person who belong in a field that’s a branch of mathematics, it’s really hard to find a person that appreciates what I do.

It’s easy for a musician to find a person who appreciates what they do for what it is, instead of how useful it is. When it comes to mathematician, it’s next to impossible to find a non-mathematicians to respect what you do for what it is.

Part of the problem is that nobody has the faintest idea what it is that mathematicians do.

Nobody enjoys music because it’s useful. Nobody spends hours to learn how to read because it’ll be useful when it comes to reading a manual to operate a DVD player, rather to be mused by the wonderful words of Shakespeare.

As soon as you make something “useful” then “fun” of the subject gets trashed out the door. Who teaches music so that the child will become a TV commercial jingle composer?

Yet people perceive and teach math as an useful tool, and therefore as a consequence people hate it. Yes, it is true that it is a useful tool, like music is useful in selling Pizza Bagel Bites, but that’s not why I enjoy math.

In a wonderful essay, “A Mathematician’s Lament”, Paul Lockhart paints a beautiful illustration of aforementioned idea: how math is an art, how the current education system is destroying it, and how it ought to be taught.

If you ever thought to yourself that “I hate math” or “I’m not a math person”, do yourself a favor and please read this essay.

It’s actually a fun read, I swear!

Download the essay

of course, all the quotes above are from the essay

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My Sentiment

My sentiment expressed in the geekiest way possible.

Let n be the binary representation of π.

And, let s be the 30bit substring of n starting at 1862047722th index.

Finally, let f(x) be a function of binary string into alphabets such that x is divided into substrings of length 5 and following mapping is applied 00001 = a, 00010 = b, 00011 = c … and so on. ( 00000 is a space). (i.e. f(101000100101101) = tim) Assume always that length of x is divisible by 5.

Then my sentiment towards you can be summed up as following:

I f(s).

Inspired by:

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Excitement for snow vs. Age graph

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So on this lazy monday morning, I was reading Wikipedia (what else is there to do? ^^;;), and I came across an article describing Hyperbolic Paraboloid. I don’t know what it was but it looked like a Pringles’ potato chip at that moment. So I had no choice but to edit the page and add Pringles to the See also section. Hope no one erases it.

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Conversation with Sharon

It’s Christmas time again and like we do every year, my home town friends are getting together to do secret santa and potluck dinner. So every year we get together around end of november to pick our secret santa. Since this year lot of the friends are out of town, we decided to use an existing online system instead of meeting up.

But the online system had a minor flaw. The online system allowed the members to pick the same person as last year. Normally this was resolved by redoing the drawing. This used to be easy when everyone was at the same place passing basket around to do the drawing, but now it’s felt more cumbersome to do again when doing it online.

Anyways, this is the email exchange regarding this issue:

이 글 마자 읽기, Read the rest of this entry »

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요즘 나의 능력의 한계를 많이 느낀다. 새로이 배우고 싶은것은 많지만 더이상 옛날처럼 습득이 잘 안된다. Ruby (with rails)와 Python (with Twisted)을 매스터 할려고 수 차례 벌써 오랬동안 struggle하고 있지만 생각보다 잘 안되고 있다.특히 이번 학기 나의 학구적인 능력에도 한계를 느끼고 있다. 물런 내 관심 밖에있는 학문이라는 핑계를 댈수도 있겠지만 Advanced Computer Architecture class를 들으면서 공부가 마음대로 안되는 내 자신을 발견하곤 한다.

또 마음을 굳게 먹고 Google에서 개최하는 $10,000,000상금이 달려있는 프로그래밍 대회도 참여할려고 하고 있지만 생각보다 어렵다. 새로운 platform을 배우는거 자체가 너무 힘이 든다.

이 글을 쓰면서 내 웹사이트의 위키 엔진과 블로그 엔진을 업그래이드 해야하지만 그러지 못하고 있은지 벌써 반년이 다 되어가고 있는 모습과 웹사이트 부탁을 받은 프로젝트가 진도가 나가지 못하고 있는 것을 보면서 내 자신의 게으름의 한계를 느낀다.

결론은 as always… “What’s wrong with me?”

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