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Music industry is dumb

So today I was watching an episode of House. As its ending song they played “Gravity” by John Mayer. I really liked it. It really captured the rainy weather and mood that I was in.

Hoping to purchase the music, I hopped over to Amazon. Yes, Amazon, not iTunes. I hate Apple’s Fair Play DRM crap. Anyways, of course Amazon didn’t carry that song. (I love how Amazon sells their music without DRM but they never have the music that I want!!!)

So I hopped over to iTunes to see if they had a DRM free version of the song. Of course they didn’t. They had a DRM ridden version of the song, but I wasn’t gonna pay 99 cents for a song that doesn’t give me the freedom to listen anyway I want.

Finally, remembering that Yahoo! sells DRM free songs, I hopped over to But of course you need a special player to buy their songs. Reluctantly, I’ve decided to try their Yahoo! Music Jukebox. Funny, it didn’t work, because it only supports Windows!

So I ended up downloading it from the pirate bay… -_-;;

As much as I hate to do it, but it’s almost as if Music publishers WANT me to pirate their music. I’m sitting here waving my credit card at them hoping to buy a song but “no~ we are not going to let you buy our music comfortably nor accessibly!”. All because they think I’m a thief.

Well, until you guys get your act together, I guess I will be a thief.*

*Don’t worry, I’ll go buy the CD when I get a chance.

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