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Conversation with Sharon

Via Facebook, Sharon reacts to my Twitter feed:

why so depressing all the time

To it which I replied via google chat:

because it’s fun being depressed!

And Sharon concurs:

thats true

i’m right there w/ u


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Conversation with Sharon

It’s Christmas time again and like we do every year, my home town friends are getting together to do secret santa and potluck dinner. So every year we get together around end of november to pick our secret santa. Since this year lot of the friends are out of town, we decided to use an existing online system instead of meeting up.

But the online system had a minor flaw. The online system allowed the members to pick the same person as last year. Normally this was resolved by redoing the drawing. This used to be easy when everyone was at the same place passing basket around to do the drawing, but now it’s felt more cumbersome to do again when doing it online.

Anyways, this is the email exchange regarding this issue:

이 글 마자 읽기, Read the rest of this entry »

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Sharing a moment

Miss Korea

10:16:34 PM highwind81: i feel bad for the rest of the contestants who’s just standing behind… it looks like a cage
10:16:45 PM turbo1226: well thats what they get for being ugly
10:16:49 PM highwind81: hahahahha

어제 피곤한 몸을 끌고 집에 돌아와 티비를 키고 미스 유니버스를 보았다.

재미 없었다.

혼자 보기엔 너무나도 재미 없었다. Miss USA가 넘어졌어도 누구랑 같이 웃을 사람도 없고, 누가 이쁘다 누군 못생겼다 같이 수다 떨 사람이 없어 별로 재미 없었다. –;;

다행이도 나영이가 online에 있어서 이런저런 이야기를 chatting을 통해서라도 할 수 있어서 조금은 괜찮았다.

TV라는 medium. 어떻게 보면 굉장히 passive하고 individualistic한것 같지만 그렇지 만도 않은거 같다. 난 언제 쯤 저녁때 집에 들어와 TV show를 같이 할 사람이 생길까?

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With Sharon

[17:19] sharonlee003: so ur coming to peggy’s on saturday right
[17:20] highwind81: of course
[17:20] sharonlee003: good
[17:20] sharonlee003: can u teach me some things on saturday
[17:20] sharonlee003: hahahah
[17:20] highwind81: huh?
[17:20] sharonlee003: i’m on this new role
[17:20] sharonlee003: technical architecture
[17:21] sharonlee003: and i dunno any of the tools that we use
[17:21] sharonlee003: like websphere and mqseries
[17:21] highwind81: i dont know those tools either
[17:22] sharonlee003: bah!
[17:22] highwind81: -_-
[17:22] highwind81: sorry
[17:23] sharonlee003: its ok smile
[17:23] sharonlee003: i guess i couldnt rely on u forever
[17:23] sharonlee003: but u know 7 yrs is not too shabby*
[17:23] sharonlee003: haha

*emphasis added by me

그땐 평생 할 수 도 있을꺼 같았다.

바보같은것 이였을까? 아님 순진 했던걸까?

이젠 그냥 혼자이고 싶다…*

*샛빨간 거짓말 -_-;;

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