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Conway's Game of Life in HTML5

Conway's Game of Life implemented in HTML5. This will only work in cutting edge browsers.

ttf-nanum Package for Arch Linux

Naver's open font, Nanum family, as a Arch Linux package for easy install.


Forget tinyurl. Beautify your URL by transforming them into Charles Dickens quotes!

Hangul IME Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress plugin that enables typing Korean characters without the help of external input method editor.

Korean Pangram Maker

This tool allows you to easily formulate pangram sentences in Korean. 한글 팬그램 메이커

10,000th Day Calculator

Ever wondered what day is your 10,000th day since your birth? Wonder no more! 만일 계산기

Flag Command Generator

If you ever need to randomly generate commands for Korean flag game, 청기백기, here is your tool.

Coming Soon...


Like mint.com but simpler. With more control to the user. A personal finance management web app.


Small organization tool for small organization so that you can be organized!

Book... something

Book cataloging and sharing app.